Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Very Short Hairstyles

This year the pixie cut has been worn by many celebrities. Some of them include: Emma Watson, Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Ginnifer Goodwin. The pixie can look great on almost any face shape as long as it is done right. If you have a high forehead then go for a longer side-swept bang like Rihanna, it hides your forehead and brings attention to your eyes. If you have a round face, a pixie will work for you too, but be sure to keep the sides very very short while the top is kept long. Women with oval faces and/ or high cheekbones can also wear pixies and can have them cut in whatever style they like. When women cut or style their hair the goal they should be trying to achieve is to make their face appear oval shaped. With that said, women who have an oval face shape can wear almost any hairstyle and get away with it. If you have an oval face shape and a bold/strong personality, then you could go for hairstyles such as the blunt bob or the Cleopatra. Celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry are all very daring and have chosen the blunt bob. Women who have a thin, long face, like Liv Tyler, should choose a hairstyle that is a little very shorter or longer than chin length. Also be sure to choose a hairstyle that has a deep side part because it will add fullness to your face and make it appear more oval shaped. Those who have high cheekbones, like Victoria Beckham, are "lucky" because you "can get away with anything," says Campbell. An asymmetrical bob is a great hairstyle to show off your bone structure. Sleek, straight hair can streamline your face so that your beautiful cheekbones really stand out.

Those with long necks can sometimes find it difficult to wear very short hairstyles. Many women usually feel like very short hairstyles can make their necks appear longer. The trick to look good with very short hair, if you have a long neck, is to never cut your hair above the chin. Anne Hathaway is a good example of this. She has a long neck and looks great with a longer bob. If bobs aren't your style, then choose any style that is straight and blunt. Women with a square face look great with a straight hairstyle that is below the jaw. It is important to never cut your hair above your jaw because the length of your hair will draw attention to your jaw and take away from the rest of your features. You should also part your hair slightly off center, like Jennifer Aniston, because it "gives a square face more asymmetry," says Campbell.

Women with a heart shaped face should also not cut their hair very shorter than chin length. Reese Witherspoon is a good example of this; you will find that she hardly ever has extremely very short hair. She also usually sports straight or soft, side-swept bangs, that anyone with a heart shaped face would look great with. Lastly, for those with a round face should have longer layers that are sleek and angular. This will add shape and symmetry to your round face, which usually lacks shape. Be sure to add volume to the top of your hair, it will make your face appear longer and leaner. very short hair can sometimes seem very bold, which can sometimes deter women from great very short hairstyles.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Short Hairstyle

Short hair looks like it is easy to care for, but in order to keep its perky shape you have to be willing to work at it. Short hair requires frequent trips to the hair salon so that the shape you love remains the shape you love. That easy to care for look does not come easy. However, once you have gotten that terrific short haircut, you can count on many days of easy care. It is quick to dry and always looks neat. It frames your face and puts the emphasis on your eyes. As with any hairstyle, your hair will look healthy and shiny if you use a good shampoo and conditioner. A conditioner moisturizers your hair and protects it from drying out. Even though short hairstyles require less drying time, hair dryers can still dry the strands leaving them dull and brittle. If you like a natural look, short hairstyles make it easy: put some gel or hair mousse on and let nature dry your hair. At first glance, short hair gives the impression that you might be stuck with just one hairstyle. After all, how much can you change a style that is limited in length? With long hair, you can put it in a bun, a pony tail, curl it, flip it, or put it in an up sweep.

Using your imagination, short hair can be versatile. You can part it differently, clip part of your hair with a pretty hair clip, or add an attractive headband to change the image. If you are really ready for a quick and startling style change, clip on a hair extension and your short hair is magically no longer short! Short hairstyles lend themselves to straight styles as well as curls. You can style your short hairstyle with side swept bangs or full bangs to achieve an entirely different look. Short hairstyles are terrific for showing off beautiful earrings. Hair accessories and gorgeous earrings help make short hairstyles a style for any occasion. To look your most attractive, choose a short hairstyle that is right for your face shape. Take the time to get a good haircut and enjoy the transformation during the weeks that follow. You will watch your hair go from its original cut to a longer one as the weeks fly by. Short hair actually gives you a few hairstyles in between trips to the hair salon. It is easy to care for because it is short, but you must be dedicated to frequent trips to the hairstylist in order to maintain its shape. It is short, but not the same length for too long. Short hair is fun because it has a split personality in so many ways.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hairstyles Short

Short wavy hair styles for ladies are very trendy. You can test the casual messy waves, wavy hairstyle, messy spiked waves or even the layered cut. When you have a square, oblong or oval face structure, layered haircuts look very elegant. You may also try the short crop cut. A jaw length bob cut is extremely popular these days. For that jaw length bob cut, hair behind is cut short with layering in front. You can also have the hair in the sides and at the rear cut and textured utilizing a razor. With the length being jagged chop up your chin or layers falling on top and sides, you're certainly going to look cool. Short hairstyles are among the more popular hairstyles among teens nowadays. The whole concept of this teen hairstyle would be to look different. Generally, the short hairstyle can be defined as having long, dyed black and straightened fringes that are brushed to one side from the face covering one eye and sometimes both eyes. They dye their head of hair black and dress you in black, which represents a difficult or showy attitude. Short haircuts have grown to be fashionable, as they are very manageable and versatile. Obtaining a short haircut is simple, if you have straight hair. Your hairstylist let you know what hairstyle will fit you the best according to your physical features, personality and style. One other good hairstyle would be to get textured layers throughout while framing the very best of your face by continuing to keep long wispy bangs.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Short Hair Ideas

In all of its transformations and variations, the short hair style has always been numbered at the top of the list when it comes to versatility, style and manageability. No other style catches the eye quite like the short hairstyle and no other style makes the wearer look as professional, chic and sexy. Short hairstyles worn by women are a fairly new style trend when compared with women's styles in general. In fact, cropped styles only came to the forefront of fashion a little more than 50 years ago. Since that time, the short hairstyle has given women the freedom to express themselves in numerous ways. From the funky and spiked to the soft and feminine, the short hair style can be worn by any woman of any personality, style and age. It has long been a held belief that an older woman should wear her hair short to make her appear younger. While there is some truth in the belief that long hair tends to make wrinkles and flaws more noticeable, shorter styles and long hair styles can both be worn by women of all ages if they choose the right style to compliment their particular face shape and bone structure.

A good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to choosing a hair style to suit your age is to pay more attention to your overall appearance rather than focus too much on how old you are. For example: Trendy, spiked styles can emphasize flaws and sagging skin, but I have seen women in their 70s with exceptional bone structure wear these shorter styles and look amazing. On the other hand, I have also seen younger women try to wear these same short hair styles and not be able to quite carry it off. So, if you want to wear your hair short, pay close attention to your face shape, build and style of dress before deciding how to cut your hair.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cute Hair Ideas Short

I've heard it said many times by many people, "I always wanted to wear a short hair style, but I don't look right with short hair" Ladies, this is nonsense. Granted, not every woman can wear every short style, but every woman can wear a short hairstyle that is tailor-made to compliment their face shape and beautiful features. There are five basic face shapes: oval, heart, round, square and triangular. All of these shapes can be beautiful, but one is ideal: oval. No matter what shaped face you have, achieving the perfect look involves picking the right cut or short hair style that will make your face appear more oval. To do this, you and your stylists can try different variations of popular short hair styles to compliment your individual features. For example: If you have a round face shape, you can still wear your favorite short hair style as long as you bring some hair forward on your cheekbones and wear a little height in the bang to give your face the illusion that it is oval. The bottom line is that a shorter style is not for just a few who have been blessed with perfectly proportioned features. With the right short hair style, you too can sport trendy sexy cropped locks that will be guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Start by getting the right hairstyle that suits your face. Select layers, bangs, length etc. based upon the length and shape of your face. For instance, you can use layers to make a long face look shorter. Get regular trims in order to keep medium or short hairstyles in the right shape. This is one of the biggest problems of having short hair but it is necessary for looking attractive. Use the right kind of product (in the correct quantity) to hold hair in place and also to give it a glossy and attractive look. You can experiment with different types of products to change your look from time to time so that you don't look boring. You will not be able to do without using a texturizing cream or any other product in case your hair is cut in spikes. There are many serums, gels and sprays available in the market these days.

You'll need a hairdryer in case your hair has a tendency of falling flat. Blow drying your hair will help build up volume so that it frames your face perfectly. Short hair generally should be shampooed every other day at the very least although this depends on how much natural oils your scalp produces. If your hair is curly then you should hold back the shampoo because your hair will look great thanks to the natural oils it contains.

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