Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hairstyles For Men

Business executives, artists, students, professors among other professionals spot dreadlock hairstyles for men. Dreadlocks are not only a fashion statement for the Rastafarian's but also for many other people who are not Rastafarian's. Rastafarian's use dreadlocks as a sign of identity, for fashion purposes and as a religious sign. Rastafarian believe that cutting hair will weaken them so they keep dreads. This belief has roots in the Biblical story of Samson. Samson was weakened when his hair was cut. Whether one is a Rastafarian or not or whether one comes from Jamaica or not it is totally legal to have dreadlocks. Dreadlocks will enhance the image of any man. Some styles of dreadlocks will in fact give one a top notch fashion image. There are different styles of dreadlocks. The different styles of dreadlocks have different lengths and widths. One of the most popular dread lock styles is the Lenny Kravitz style named after famous musician Lenny Kravitz. This style is appropriate for those who have thick hair which is curly. In this style, one has to grow his hair, back, sides and front to reach the same length. The hair should then be worn in thick braid lifestyle. The Jack Sparrow dreadlocks are also another popular style with most men. This style draws inspiration from the famous pirate Character, Captain Jack Sparrow. The character of Captain Sparrow was done in the movie pirates of the Caribbean by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp in this movie spots a very stylish dread lock style. This style is the Jack Sparrow style.

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