Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mens Hairstyle

Watching the runways can be a good indicator of new trends for the coming year. It seems that spiky hairstyles for men will once again be a popular choice for 2011. There has been a flare for the messy and overgrown look over the past year which have be seen chosen by some of the top male celebrities. It now seems like having a sharper cut will return to the red carpet. This hair style has some great advantages which make it a good choice for the average man too. Finer hair does not require as much product to be used as thicker types of hair. If you do not feel comfortable using gels then waxes can achieve a softer looking style. If you do not know your hair type or want a recommendation you can ask your stylist during your appointment. Styling from wet will help to create the best looking styles. Run the gel or wax through your hair and work your fingers to create defined shapes and pointed ends. Once it has dried, you can choose to use a spray for further hold. This might be needed to help the lasting effect from day to night time. Try not to touch your hair as this can leave a residue on your fingers. It will also ruin your styling and make it unlikely to hold through the day.

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